Origin: Italian, Dutch, English, Greek

Meaning: the Italian and Dutch masculine form of Peter meaning "stone" from Greek petros.

Pier is also a raised walkway over the water supported by piles or pillars.

In Italian, Pier is usually used in conjunction with another name, like Piermario or Pierluigi.

Pier is also a surname, likely derived from Peter, but I've also seen it listed as being Dutch or Middle Low German meaning "worm, earthworm".

  • Piers (English)
  • Piero (Italian)
  • Pietro (Italian)
  • Peter
  • Pieter (Dutch)
  • Pierino (Italian diminutive of Piero)

Feminine forms:
  • Piera (Italian)
  • Pietra (Italian)
  • Pierina (Italian diminutive of Piera)


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