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Origin: Germanic

Meaning: a variant form of Wayland, derived from Weland, the Old English cognate if Wieland, a Germanic name with an uncertain etymology. It could be derived from Germanic elements wela (skill) and land (land) meaning "skill, land".

It could also possibly be composed of Germanic wig (war) and land (land) meaning "war, land", though I've also seen it listed as being derived from Old Germanic Welandaz meaning "battle brave".

The name might also be derived from Old Germanic wal meaning "death, slaughter", or a cognate of Old Norse vel meaning "artifice", "craft", "device"; while the second element comes from Old Germanic meaning "courage".

In Germanic mythology, Wieland was a legandary blacksmith and craftsman who had no equal. He was known as Wayland in Anglo-Saxon mythology and Völundr in Norse mythology.

  • Wayland
  • Waylin
  • Wieland (Germanic)
  • Völund (Norse)
  • Völundr (Norse)
  • Weland (Anglo-Saxon)