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Origin: Irish, English

Meaning: a short form of names like Finola, the Anglicized form of Fionnuala, an Irish feminine name meaning "white shoulder" or "fair shoulder"; or a short form of Magnolia.

It could also be derived from an Irish surname O'Nuallain meaning "descendant of Nuallan" the latter from nuall either meaning "famous, noble" or "shout"; it could also be a feminine form of Nolan.

Nola is also a place name, an acronym for New Orleans, Louisiana (LA), as well as being the name of an ancient town in Naples, Italy, the site of 3 battles in which the Carthaginian general Hannibal attempted to seize control of it from the Roman empire (unsuccessfully).

Nola is also the capital of Sangha-Mbaéré, a prefecture of the Central African Republic. 

Male forms:
  • Nolan